Around 7 o’clock in the morning is when the sun starts to peek over the ocean…

That is the time our first group of the day saddles up on their bikes to begin an unforgettable ride.

Today’s destination is in the British Virgin Islands. This is one of our most popular bike tours because of the famous 10 mile trek on the scenic Sir Francis Drake Channel coastal road. There is the beauty of the ocean on one side and Acrocomia Media trees on the other.

Caribbean Bike Tours, Inc. decided to offer tours all over the Caribbean with a specific concentration in nature and foliage.

The owner and founder of the company relocated to Colorado and fell in love with the study of plants. The education and knowledge of our tour guides comes from an Arvada tree service company in Arvada, Colorado.



Nature is highlighted in each of the tours by pinpointing the trees, flowers and other plants along the biking journey. There are about seven different species of trees surrounding the landscape of the British Virgin Islands.

Understanding the types of green life has made this biking trip  more than just exercise but an opportunity to connect with mother earth.

Here are some testimonials from our clients:

“I couldn’t have imagined a better way to explore the BVI’s than on a bike with Caribbean Bike Tours. It is family friendly, educational and beautiful. The staff was incredible and knowledgable.” -Chris T., Boston, MA

“This was exercising with a view I have never seen before. Fresh ocean air and exotic plants. I was completely blown away by the entire tour.”  -Vanessa D., Oakland, CA

“Each year, my family and I visit the BVI’s. When we found Caribbean Bike Tours, we never expected the type of trip that we received. Flowers, trees and extensive knowledge of the land- what more can you ask for. Thank you!”  -Barbara L., Jupiter, FL